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CGx Testing
Virtually everyone has a close friend or relative who has been diagnosed with cancer or has died from it. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that 1,735,350 cancer cases were diagnosed in the United States during 2018, with 609,640 deaths caused by cancer. Unfortunately, cancer genetics screening isn’t used nearly enough, and the physicians who do offer hereditary cancer predisposition testing frequently use laboratories that only test for a small number of gene markers. These tests often fail to provide the clinical data needed to make an accurate determination of the patient’s predisposition toward cancer.
The solution to this problem is a CGx panel test that tests for a large number of gene markers, allowing patients to learn if they’re predisposed to developing one or more cancers. Patients who should undergo hereditary CGx testing include those who have a personal history with cancer; having had cancer in the past or those who currently have cancer.
Many insurance providers cover CGx testing if the patient has had cancer in the past, or is currently diagnosed with cancer. These tests allow patients to be proactive in their health care by learning about their predisposition for other cancers as early as possible. Providers who encourage patients to take CGx tests can make a real difference for their families and save millions of lives.
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In 2018, there will be an estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,640 cancer deaths in the United States alone. (

Unfortunately, we ALL know people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and/or have passed away from cancer. For many, cancer seems a random and unavoidable nightmare.

In addition, general cancer screening isn’t promoted or taken advantage of nearly enough. Unfortunately, the physicians who do encourage their patients to participate in Hereditary Cancer Predisposition Testing are often utilizing clinical laboratories that test for a minimal number of gene-markers, which often miss the mark, and don’t provide patients with enough relevant clinical data to make an adequate determination.


The Health Awareness Project’s CGx panels which test for an industry leading 33-gene markers, which allow the provider and patient to understand if they are predisposed to acquiring other cancer(s).

Patients who qualify for the test include:

  • Individuals who currently have cancer.
  • Individuals who have had cancer in the past.

Additionally, there are some insurance providers who still cover this test if the patient does not personally have cancer. In these instances, it is required that the patient has 1st or 2nd degree relatives with a history of cancer. Deeming the test as a medical necessity. Taking the test allows the patient to be proactive and learn as early as possible what changes need to be made if they are more pre-disposed to acquiring one or more cancer(s). Taking advantage of this revolutionary test can save millions of lives. Providers who encourage patients to take the CGx test are providing a true difference for countless families.

Additional Benefits
  • CGx testing allows patients to qualify for further cancer(s) screening so that if there is a hereditary chance of other cancers in the family, those tests can be conducted to potentially prevent additional cancers from occurring.
  • Fast Turnaround - all samples are processed quickly and results are reported by our genetic counselor in a manner for you to easily interpret and act upon.
  • Clear, understandable reports – CGx results are clearly presented with the patient’s needs in mind by our genetic counselor. This makes results easy to interpret and act upon by you and your primary care physician.
  • Unparalleled customer support – If you have questions or need more detailed information any step of the way, our support specialists are readily available to return all calls/emails within 2 hours of receipt.