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What Our Customers Say
Here are some of our patient testimonials. Everyones experience may be different given everybody's DNA is unique.
-Vickie F.
Michigan - 69 Years Old
"Absolutely loved the process and felt comfortable the entire time. I was so impressed with my results that I referred HAP during my teleconference with friends."
-Olga D.
Florida - 62 Years Old
"Contacting HAP was the best decision that I have ever made. The process was extremely simple and the genetic counselor discussed my results in a manner I could understand. "
-William F.
Georgia - 81 Years Old
"Going through the genetic screening test was easy. I got my results rather quickly and I am glad that I do not have cancer genes."
-Linda R.
Georgia - 70 Years Old
"My sister is a 7 year cancer survivor who prompted me to get tested. I contacted HAP and went through the journey without any issues. I am glad that I took the test and I have referred my family and friends to do so as well. I am more than satisfied with HAP."
-Ami S.
Kansas - 61 Years Old
"When I started the process I was a bit nervous but I was overall very happy with the service. "
-Vera U.
Georgia - 68 Years Old
"Very detailed process."