Report A Security Issue
HAP Security Program

HAP is committed to protecting our community, and has established a security program ("Program") for users to report security-related issues associated with our website ("Website") to us. If you believe you have found a vulnerability or issue and would like to participate in our Program, we ask that you submit a detailed description of the issue to us, including the steps that we can take to reproduce the issue and/or a proof-of-concept ("Report").

Once you submit a Report to us, please allow our team a reasonable amount of time to respond to your Report and correct the issue. We truly appreciate your efforts to protect our community, and we may reward participants for helping us out. All Reports are subject to the terms and conditions ("Terms") of our Program, set forth below, and with the Terms of Services available on the Website.

The HAP “Report a Security Issue” form is intended only for notifying us of security-related issues associated with our website. If you have an inquiry about requesting a kit, or your results, then please contact our Customer Care team directly. Thank you!

Please send all security reports to